User posted Public and Private events in your area, displayed in one easy location – The Board


Use your profile page to post photos, see what your friends are doing, and Link with new people


Whether it be business or personal, make posts on The Board to promote your event for others to see!


Get in touch with your friends and invite people to events you are attending or hosting

Our Mission

Create an easy to use, beautifully designed, and bug-free way for people to never be bored again

One major problem we have discovered is that it is impossible to interact with people in your geographic area without them already being in your social circle. Chain is a new app that enables individuals to find people, experiences and events in any area. Whether you just moved to a new city or are simply bored on your college campus, Chain aims to allow people and groups alike to plan out their adventures and share those plans locally with an easy to use interface. Imagine being able to look at a map, and see all of the public or private events in your area. This is Chain. The app has one unique quality that enables people to interact: the Board. This feature allows people in the same remote area to start connecting. Create a post on the Board for other users to see, or simply look around yourself for fun and enticing events to meet new people.

Our team

Meet the team that started it all

Giovanni Angeli

UX/UI and Brand Design

Designs and creates application assets, site mapping, branding guidelines, and end user path/interface for Chain – using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, InVision, Figma, WordPress, and more.

Sanzio Angeli

Software Development

Self taught full stack developer, engineered Chain using Xcode, Swift, JavaScript, and Firebase.  Maintains continuous improvement updates, bug fixing, and documents essential application usage data.

Mason Gorelick


Represents brand and develops marketing campaigns to tackle rapid expansion and exposure to prospective users, partners, and investors.

Dominic Angeli

Business Management

Manages business development through financial and legal gains by working closely with the team towards business advancements, composing company structure, and assembling funds.

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